2023 is for you!

I think we’re all almost done growing out of the toxic “New Year’s Resolutions” bit, right?

Because bye diet culture and the consumerism notions that drive them (resolutions).

2023 is not for corporations, it’s for you.

And you deserve better.

So here’s what I propose:

2023 is the year for “you”.

If that means exercise, cool.

If that means healing and improving your relationship with food (in whatever capacity that means for you), great.

If that means finding new ways to incorporate joy through your life, awesome.

But ultimately, start the larger (one could say, the ultimate) goal of living your life for you.

This year presents a lot of introspection for me.

It’s my champagne birthday year (but without actual champagne because my bank account would cry).

I’m turning 23, in about 11 days (as I’m writing this).

I’m finishing my Bachelor’s Degree and considering law school.

Ultimately just trying to find my life purpose.

There are so many people who would say “you don’t need to figure that out”, or the one I hear all the time “but you’re just a baby”.

First of all, let’s not infantilize me because no thanks.

And second, I’ve had a lot of wasted years in my life living a life that wasn’t my life, wasted time in my finite years surviving without actually living, or just simply playing pretend in a life that wasn’t mine. I’ve been aching to know my purpose, to experience life in a way that I can finally experience true, unfiltered joy after being kept in the dark for so long.

So what I’m hoping to do, is invite other people on this year-long, and well, lifelong journey to putting “you” first. 

Believe me, I’ve met more people than I can count on both hands and feet that struggle with putting themselves first.

My fellow BPD pals know this all too well. We throw our needs to the wind for others, but it’s taken me a very long time to finally believe that doing something for yourself is not selfish. Prioritising your needs, in all the forms they come in, is not inherently selfish. Having wants and needs is not selfish.

Sit with that.

Let it sink in.

You are not selfish for having wants and needs.

Easier said than done by far.

That’s why you start small.

Pick one thing, anything that brings joy into your life, that makes you feel empowered, enriched, the list goes on. Then, do that thing every week, or even every day if you’re good with routines (shoutout to my fellow unorganized friends just vibing it!). 

This mindset should (listen, I went into marketing, not psychology, okay) slowly start trickling into all areas of your life and decision-making. And suddenly, your joy, your happiness, and your need to do what is best for you will be at the forefront of your life, leading you.

I know, it seems wishy-washy, a little idealistic. 

But I think anything that is meant to improve your life, anything that could lead to you feeling a sense of purpose, or having peace of mind, is worth it.

And there’s no harm in giving something a try.

So here’s to 2023, the year of YOU.


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