Outsourcing Social Media to an Agency in Halifax, Canada

Creating Engaging Social Media Content in Halifax, NS

If you are creating content on the East Coast of Canada, you’ll have no issue finding beautiful locations to shoot and film. This historic port city offers a lovely walk along the Halifax waterfront – grab your phone and capture action shots from different angles. Piece them together with some text that speaks to your niche, add trending audio and write an informative or entertaining caption and you’ll have your audience engaging in no time! 

If you’re wanting to show the finer things of life, head to the Queen’s Marque where you can find infinite photo appeal. Lounge on the steps, film yourself looking off into the distance with the steps in the background – this leads to an easy reel, where you overlay some potent text and audio, and you’ve shown art and beauty while staying on brand. 

Organic Social Media Management in Halifax, East Coast

You know, we work with a lot of business owners that just can’t be bothered to run their socials. It does involve a lot of consistency, strategy and know how to make a splash in the social media world and to build your following organically. Luckily, our team is dedicated and passionate about growing your presence in Halifax and abroad! Whether you are a local brick and mortar store, or a global digital asset wonder, our team of writers and graphic designers would love the opportunity to share your vision with the world. 

From accounts audits to full social media management on all platforms from Instagram to Facebook, we work in conjunction with our clients to build a strong social media presence that influences and impacts the audiences they are wanting to attract. We also work to help solidify your brand and offer branding packages if you’re looking to add a cohesive look to your overall image.

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Increasing Your Followers and Growing Your Social Media Presence in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Regardless of your niche or brand identity, you should be able to find copious amounts of epic shots in the Halifax Public Gardens. This 16 acre Victorian-era garden dates back to 1867! Take dozens of still shots of beautiful flowers, piece them together, add audio that matches their rhythm and your audience will be captivated by the gorgeous shots. 

Peggy’s Cove is another location that never fails to disappoint when it comes to creating calming content that draws your audience in. Head to the viewing deck and get a unique vantage point of Halifax. Do a slow span video capturing 360 around you. Brainstorm unique content that uplifts or inspires your audience and add it overtop. Don’t forget the audio! The key is to inspire your viewers to watch until the end, read the caption, and then engage with you in the comments so consider using engaging hooks, and calls to action.



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