Hiring an Organic Social Media Agency in Calgary, Canada

Growing an Engaged Social Media Presence in Calgary, AB

Living in Calgary offers an abundant range of options when it comes to creating well performing content on the daily. Regardless of your niche or brand, you can always find something in nature to inspire and uplift your audience or tie in a product or concept. Head to Bowness Park to dabble in creative shots of the Bow River. Remember to tie in a hook to encourage your audience to keep reading. Draw them in to read the caption, add solid hashtags, and tell a story with your videos and images.

There’s always the ultra fun and bright Peace Bridge if you’re wanting to really jazz up your content! The architecture creates so many opportunities for funky angled shots and ways to creatively express yourself. Or find the Trees Sculptures downtown if your niche is in the arts or you have abstract ideas you’d like to express visually, these are unique and connect your audience to the local hot spots. 

 Hiring a Social Media Management Agency in Calgary, Canada

If you’re reading this and thinking, yeah, but I just don’t really WANT to create content day in and day out – we understand! You’re like the rest of our clients, who want to make an impact in the online world and build community and a brand, but don’t want to think about the analytics, algorithms and constantly changing trends. That’s why we’re here. We take the challenge out of the equation and replace it with an easy process that meets you where you’re at with your social media presence.

If you’ve been wanting a little bit of support or an audit of your accounts, or you’re ready to throw your phone against the wall, chat with us! Our dedicated team of creatives is at the ready to produce on brand, strategic content for you and your company, so that you can focus on the aspects of your work you love.

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Using Strategy to Build Your Social Media Presence and Reach in Calgary

When you’re creating content for your brand, you need to get into the mindset of your audience. They’re following you because they value something that you offer. Staying authentic and true to your niche and brand is a great way to build a loyal following that feels invested. Head to one of the many green spaces like Prince’s Island Park and get in the calm state where creativity flows. You’ll probably be inspired by the scenery and can capture lots of photos and videos to use in the coming months.

By incorporating the local heritage, culture and people, you also show yourself as a real person, relatable and easy to connect with. You could find yourself at the Chinese Cultural Centre, filming the stunning building, capturing the unique colours and architecture and tying it into a message for your followers. Use an analytics reporting system so that you can keep track of which hashtags are performing, what your impressions and reach are, and which posts are resonating with your audience.

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