Grow Your Social Media Presence Organically in Yellowknife, NWT

Creating Consistently Engaging Social Media Content on Instagram in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

If you’re living in Yellowknife and looking to engage your following with consistent content, the key will be to increase your content collection! Head to Cameron Falls Trail and hike to the falls. Once there, take lots of uniquely angled still shots, some seven second videos, some time lapse videos and some longer videos that you can piece together later. BOOM! You now have a backlog of perfect backdrop content to overlay your text and message onto later.

If you’re wanting to capture more human content, versus nature based content, wander down to Old Town where you’ll find lots of historical buildings and people watching. Find a neat building and capture a short video of you leaning against it. Pair this with trending audio, a hook to engage your audience, and a call to action to read the caption where you can deepen the engagement. Don’t forget relevant hashtags!

Expand Your Following and Grow Your Social Media Presence on Facebook in Yellowknife, NWT

With no shortage of nature and green space to photograph, you should have no trouble creating engaging content for your Facebook followers. Find your way to Prelude Lake Territorial Park and add some panoramic views to your content collection. These are perfect for underneath text, when you’re wanting to capture the attention of your audience.

If your niche is in the arts then be sure to spend some time at the Northern Arts and Cultural Centre to stay inspired by local talent. During winter is a perfect time to gather content at the annual Snowking Winter Festival. Remember, when capturing content, you often just need something beautiful or engaging for the background, not something specific to your niche. Reels are performing well on Facebook, so challenge yourself to create some engaging video content that educates and entertains your audience. 

The key to expanding your following on Facebook is to post consistently, engage with your followers in the comments, and engage with other like minded accounts. You’ve got this!

Hiring an Organic Social Media Management Agency in Yellowknife, Canada

Okay, so if wild adventures to the outdoors or content creation in general is not something that lights you up, it may be time to consider outsourcing. Our Canadian team of writers and graphic designers is passionate about staying up to date with the latest algorithms and social media trends, so you don’t have to!

We master your brand and voice, and work with you and your team to ensure that all the content we create matches your vision. Whether you sell a product, a service, a package or yourself, we know how to create eye catching content that will help to propel your social media presence. Outsourcing what you don’t enjoy doing is a key part of business building!

For all the details on how it works when you hire a social media management agency, just book a complimentary Vibe Check with us today! We are happy to answer any questions you may have.


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