Hiring an Organic Social Media Management Agency in Kingston, Ontario

Creating Engaging Social Media Content in Kingston, Ontario

Kingston has been known as the “Limestone City” due to its elaborate 19th century buildings and we think that you should use this unique edge to your advantage! Get creative – shoot from angles that aren’t typical, throw on a hook to encourage your audience to stay engaged, and layer with trending audio, and voila! You’ve just turned an old building into something interesting and entertaining for your audience.

The fact that Kingston sits on Lake Ontario at the mouth of the Cataraqui and St.Lawrence rivers lends to some very picturesque nature shots. Mosey down to the Kingston Waterfront, educate yourself with some of the informative panels explaining Kingston’s past, and film the boats coming and going. Add some value for your local following by sharing some knowledge about Kingston’s history, add a voiceover and layer trending audio underneath. Be sure to add appropriate hashtags, update the topic and location prior to posting, and you’re sure to attract some new followers interested in seeing more! 

Increase Your Followers and Grow Your Social Media Presence in Kingston, ON

If you’ve been wanting to grow your social media following, but haven’t been sure how, the key is consistency and strategy. You’ll want to use the local architecture and surroundings to your advantage, by hitting up spots like Confederation Park, which is downtown across from Kingston City Hall. Between these two locations, take a bunch of still shots and short five second videos. Add them together, time them just right with some up and coming audio, and be sure to encourage them to read the caption. Throw in your hashtags and before you know it, watch the followers pour in!

If you haven’t captured any content from 1000 islands, you have been missing out! Hop on a boat charter and  you can capture photos and videos that you can use in your content for months to come. Try to tune into a way to connect the content with your niche or brand, and get a wide variety of shots so that you can piece them together in content that will be visually appealing. 

Organic Social Media Management Agency in Bustling Kingston, Canada

If all of this is catching you out in left field, we get it! There’s a lot of little elements that need to come together to be successful in social media. Luckily for you, our team of creative writers and graphic designers are skilled in all the latest algorithms and trends and we are happy to help. Whether you want us to take on all of your social media management, or to just support you a bit while you master it yourself, we are there to demystify the complexity of social media and make it easier than ever for you to succeed.

We are very familiar with the Kingston lifestyle and vibe, and two members of our diverse team live in Kingston and work remotely. This allows us to offer even more comprehensive support to those clients living in Kingston or surrounding areas. 

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