Hiring an Organic Social Media Agency in Winnipeg, Canada

Crafting an Engaged Social Media Presence in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Building an engaged social media following in Winnipeg simply requires some strategy, creative thinking and connecting your audience to the local lifestyle. Head over to Fort Whyte Alive any time of the year and you’re sure to capture some incredible shots! Walk on the forest trails and floating marsh boardwalks while taking some slow motion videos of the surrounding area. Add some text that speaks to your brand and niche, some trending audio, appropriate hashtags, and post that reel, inspiring your audience to follow for more intriguing content.

Or perhaps your audience is more captivated by sports and action, in which case, you’ll want to make a trip to Shaw Park. Capture a variety of action shots of the game and the crowd, then time the clips to upbeat audio. Start with a hook that draws in your audience, and a call to action to read the caption. Be sure to add those hashtags, and the location and topic before you load it up to Instagram. 

Hiring a Social Media Management Agency in Winnipeg, Canada

If all of this is sounding a bit like a foreign language, we’ve got your back! Our team of creatives are passionate about the changing trends in social media, and we are happy to manage your accounts so that you can stay on top of them!

We may suggest ideas for you like heading to The Forks and capturing the life and buzz of this busy marketplace. We will coach you on how to shoot content that keeps you at the forefront of your brand, and then we will apply all the caption writing and video editing to ensure it stays on trend and captivating for your audience. 

As fellow Canadians, we are totally up to date with the culture and lifestyle of our Canadian clients. From full social media management, to just a bit of help here and there to keep your brand being seen, we offer it all. 

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Growing Your Social Media Presence in Winnipeg Without Using Ads

Sometimes you have to level up your knowledge so that you can continue to inspire your audience. Head over to Assiniboine Park and do one of their smartphone audio tours. Use some of the information you’ve learned to add to a reel that features a few short clips of your visit there, combined with text and trending audio that adds to the entertainment and information level of your content.

If you’re in a niche or selling a brand that speaks to creativity, you’ll definitely want to explore the Exchange District. This walkable area is rich with culture and artistic nuance. Capture some of the unique buildings, take a wide variety of creativity composed shots and add it into an Instagram template with trending audio. Add some value or entertainment and a call to action and BOOM – you’ll attract new followers wanting more of that unique goodness.

Not feeling like creating content? Click the link above. We’ll take it on for you, so you can go back to doing what you love most.



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