Hiring an Organic Social Media Agency in Courtenay, Canada

Crafting an Engaged Social Media Presence in Courtenay, BC

If you’re lucky enough to be building your social media presence in the charming town of Courtenay, there are no shortage of incredible opportunities to provide entertaining and visually stunning content to your audience. You will want to factor in your niche when creating content, but heading over to the Comox Valley Farmers’ Market is sure to give you lots of content ideas to work with. Experiment with angles and views to craft unique pictures and videos to use in reels, and remember to tag the location in the metadata prior to posting to attract followers in your area.

Vancouver Island is rich with natural scenery and Courtenay is no different! You have infinite options to capture views of Mount Washington and to show your audience the lifestyle of small town living. If your brand incorporates nature, grab an underwater casing for your camera and float down the Puntledge River! Snag some creative half under, half over water shots, and take some slow motion videos of the rapids and the scenery and pair it with trending audio to attract new followers and grow your brand.

Hiring a Social Media Management Agency in Courtenay, Vancouver Island

If you’ve been struggling to grow your social media following, or you’re finding that your posts are not getting much reach or engagement, it may be time to consider hiring a social media management agency. We are a local agency, so we are very familiar with the Vancouver Island lifestyle. Let us apply a well thought out strategy unique to your brand and vision, and our skilled content creators will craft the copy and graphics to help your brand reach new clients.

We will also help with ideas, because we know that coming up with unique content can be a bit exhausting! Our team will suggest things like reel ideas at the Oyster River Potholes, or still shots of you and your brand at Kye Bay Beach – engaging with your clients by providing visually appealing content that brings them in and inspires them to read the caption and engage with you. 

Hiring a local social media marketing agency in Courtenay is easy. 

You can start the process by Booking a Vibe Check today!

Growing Your Social Media Presence in Courtenay

It’s one thing to post regular content, but how do you actually grow your social media presence in such a small town? The answer is simple! You expand your reach through the use of metadata and strategic hashtag use. With so many epic shooting locations, like Goose Spit Park or just a little bit out of town at Elk Falls Provincial Park, you’ll never run out of beautiful locations to visit.

If you’re finding that you are posting consistently but not seeing a lot of growth or engagement, it may be time to consider reaching out to the experts. A skilled social media marketing agency will organically grow your online presence with an intentional strategy that revolves around your brand, vision and mission. You can maintain a creative role in the process by providing local content that is incorporated into your social media strategy, or our skilled graphic designer can whip it up for you. There’s a lot of flexibility, and you’re in charge!

If this sounds right up your alley, scroll up and click the link to book a Vibe Check today! It’s complimentary, and will help us determine if we are a good fit to work together. 



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