An Intern’s New Hope

Well, I guess I can’t hide any longer… from my fear of writing blogs, that is.

Never in my three years of college would I ever have imagined that I would volunteer to be thrust into the spotlight on a social media agency’s website, and that it would feel so… inspiring!

I have been given free rein to be transparent with sharing my perspective as a new member of the team and to keep y’all updated on how my time as a LAV intern is going. I will regularly outline what I’ve learned, the things I’m loving/not loving and everything in between. I will be sharing a new blog here every week and I hope you’ll join me for this first venture into sharing my written work with the outside world.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Jackson, I am now in the final stretch of my time at St. Lawrence College, and I am the newest intern for Like A Voss Social Media (hence, this blog series)! I guess that’s some fairly generic information, though.

Here are some more personal details: 

  • I always eat the French fries before the burger
  • I run an alternate Instagram account that is a curation of natural design (free shout out if you find the account!)
  • My signature hi-hat pattern when producing music is totally my Achilles heel
  • I LOVE sci-fi and fantasy films. Can you guess where I took inspiration with the title of this blog?

So, it has been just about a week now since I started my internship and, boy, is this going to fly by quickly. Four days with the team has felt like one single action-packed day. I’m very curious to see at what point time will start passing as it normally does for me (slow).

From the initial placement interview to right now, as I type this blog post, Amanda and the team have been extremely supportive and encouraging. I’ve come to learn that using Slack is an experience in and of itself and is SUCH an important tool to learn how to communicate effectively, and quickly. I have been using Discord with my friend group over the last year and I now see Slack as the work intended, and dare I say superior, competitor.

I’ve always been one to overthink. Emails, texts, birthdays cards, yearbook quotes, you name it. If it requires writing, I’m likely going to be second guessing my work the moment it spills onto the page (or Google Doc). That automatically puts me behind the 8 ball when working in an environment that is nearly 100% communication through writing. That being said, I love a challenge; I can only get faster and less indecisive, right?

OH, I almost forgot to mention: A large portion of my time within this internship will be dedicated to Remix, a social media management business for musicians. If you know me at all, you know that there could not be a better fit for my personality and goals/aspirations. So yeah, I’m pretty hyped to say the least.

Each day has brought a new challenge but has also been extremely rewarding. I’m looking forward to all of the new challenges and the things I’ll face in my second week.

Bye for now! I’ll catch y’all on the next blog.

– Jackson Page


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