How to Write Blogs Consistently and Efficiently

Writing blogs can be very beneficial to your business, but only if you are consistent with them. Doing so can seem very time consuming at first. That’s why you need to learn how to write them efficiently. Once you’ve mastered the skills of writing blogs consistently and efficiently, that’s when they become worth your while.

So, here are some tips on writing blogs both consistently and efficiently.

Put It In Your Calendar

Just like any other work task, dedicate time for it in your calendar. Treat it as something worthy to spend your time on as any other aspect of your business. This means you dedicate time for it and make that very specific so that you can’t avoid it or put it off. Tell yourself, for example, that you’ll dedicate two hours to writing a blog every Wednesday.

Giving yourself a specific day and keeping to that makes it unavoidable and, eventually, it just becomes part of your regular routine. It makes it a habit to write weekly and, therefore, consistently.

“I put time on my calendar first, and I pick a time when my writing brain is working well. This is crucial as it’s a micro-commitment to actually do it, and since it’s on my calendar I know I have the time. I never choose times that I know I’ll be tired or distracted, instead I always choose times I know are good for me creatively.” – Coach Pony 

Set Yourself A Time Limit

Setting a time limit both pressures you to write efficiently and makes blog writing seem less overwhelming. When you’ve told yourself you’re only spending a couple hours a week on it, it seems like far less work. There are 168 hours in a week. What’s two hours compared to that?

Schedule two hours every Wednesday, for example, on one blog—no more, no less. Giving yourself time restrictions helps you to focus on the work. You don’t have time for distractions, so you don’t give them that time. Your two hours are non-negotiable. Don’t let other work take over the slot, don’t get distracted. This time is important, so use it.

“We’re constantly interrupted or have something that comes up at the last moment and we always have other stuff to do. If your calendar is empty, you’ll never blog. Set time aside for each of the steps of your writing process and stick to this schedule.” – Ambroise Debret 

Don’t Let Ideas Become An Issue

Sometimes you can avoid writing a blog because you aren’t feeling in a creative mood, or you don’t have any ideas, or all sorts of similar excuses. Don’t listen to these excuses. Instead, push yourself to write anyway and see what happens.

If ideas are consistently an issue, dedicate time to write down a whole bunch of them for the next few weeks or months. Take the time to do some research and make a list of topics you can write about. Another way you can find ideas is through your old blogs.

“Your best friend when looking for new topics in old blogs is the subtitles. Often, the subtitles in the blogs you wrote will have ideas you can expand on to create a new topic, or even be the title of a potential new blog already!” – Like A Voss

Blogs are a very useful tool to bring people to your business and expand your reach, but that means you have to write them consistently. Once you know how to write efficiently, the consistency becomes easy, so take the time to utilize some of these tools and find what works best for you. These are only a starting point. Every writer has their own process. If you think you don’t, you just haven’t found it yet, so look for it! Explore your writing and find what works for you.

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