How to Write Blogs Consistently and Efficiently

So, you’re a business owner, and you’re wanting to reach your target audience – sounds like a familiar story, right? 

Now, not every business owner is also a dedicated writer, and if the budget doesn’t allow for a social media management team, then there are some simple ways you can apply tried and true methods to reach your clients, without having to be a wordsmith.

The magical combo, when it comes to writing blogs, seems to be a balance of consistency and efficiency. 

You will want to create a blog flow that engages your readership and encourages them to keep an eye out for more of your industry-specific tips and tricks, as well as to connect with you through your personality and unique expression. Follow the tips below, and it will turn that time-consuming task into one that fuels your business.

Schedule Blogs in your Calendar

If you’re like us, there are a ton of business-related items floating around your brain at any given time. That email to the client that’s sitting in your outbox, and the conversation with a lead from your lunch break. 

Due to the mental load that typical business owners carry, it’s important to schedule your time to write the blog and also put in your calendar a date to post it. Create a routine that works for you and your schedule, like setting aside a couple of hours a week to write a blog post, for example. 

Always choose a time when you won’t be drained from the day, or distracted by other responsibilities. This way, you can write more efficiently, deliver a clearer message to your audience, and potentially speed up the process, leaving you more time to work on your business.

Decide on a Time Limit to Create Content and Stick to it!

How much time to schedule, you ask? Well, that will really depend on your writing ability, the word count of the blog, any sort of research you may need to do, and other industry-specific factors like if you are writing creatively, or technically. That said, perhaps start with a two-hour window, so that the task feels more manageable. If two hours has you cringing, just remember – there are 168 hours in a week! These two hours can potentially drive your business and convert inactive clients into active ones. We sure think that’s worth it!

Choose a day of the week that works within your schedule. Put away your phone, turn off other distractions, and apply yourself fully to the task at hand so you aren’t having to redo your work or deal with lots of editing due to a wandering brain. No judgment. We get it!

When you start to see your audience grow and your clients reach out to you for more info because they develop a respect for your knowledge, you’ll see the ROI, and the time spent will become more and more pleasurable. Try to keep in mind, every goal, however minor, requires consistent action steps towards it in order to be achieved. Start small, and as your skills expand, reduce the time slot, or try to get two blogs written in the same time frame. Baby steps, for the win!

Don’t get stuck on Blog Content Details

Our team is made up of creatives and writers, and we are no strangers to writer’s block or a general lack of creativity when it comes to coming up with interesting and engaging content. Thing is, what we focus on is what is perpetuated – so if you find yourself getting stuck in loops of excuses or reasons to why you aren’t able to write, we encourage you to sit down and write at your scheduled time, regardless.

Why? Because actions, practiced consistently, turn into habits! If you’re struggling to come up with ideas for your blog, map out a brainstorming session and jot down any and all ideas relative to your industry, service, or products. Spend some extra time researching topics that you feel would engage your community and read through competitors’ blogs to start to activate ideas!

“Trust the Process. While developing a new skill, praise yourself for your efforts, don’t give up, and utilize the infinite resources of the internet to inspire new ideas and concepts that you feel passionate about sharing. Refocus on the task at hand when you feel your mind wandering, and see if you can even soften into enjoying the process!” – Like A Voss Inc.

Blogs are a widely used tool to deliver people to your business and expand your reach, but you do need to produce them consistently to see ongoing results. Once you’ve mastered the art of writing consistently and efficiently, these skills will turn into habits, and the process will get easier. Tune into your inner writer – what kind of an environment helps you write? Music? Quiet? Bright or dimmed lights? Be real with yourself about what will inspire your process and roll with it!

Editors Note: This post was originally published on December 14th, 2020, and has been edited and updated to ensure information is accurate and up-to-date.

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