Intern Blog Week #5 – Time Flies When You’re Learning So Much

Wow, how am I already in my 5th week of placement?! These weeks have just completely flown by for me! 

Maybe it’s because I was lucky enough to do my Internship where from day one I was allowed to experience what It feels like to be an actual employee, and I get to actually do real work. Being thrown into real work has taught me so much, and how to really think like a social media marketer. 

This week has been experiential for me. I am learning a lot about myself and my work habits. I know I still have a lot more to learn when it comes to my ability to write and proofread my work. I have been very hard on myself for that. I expect myself to be perfect the first time I do something and when I’m not I think I have failed. 

I’m starting to realize now that everyone learns things and obtains information differently and we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves for not getting it right the first time. We also shouldn’t compare ourselves to how others work because we all have different strengths and weaknesses. 

Learning In Action

This week I got more familiar with Sendible. If you don’t know what Sendible is, its an online tool that allows people to schedule social media posts in advance so that you don’t have to manually post one by one. 

I never knew about Sendible until I started doing my placement here. I’m really glad that I’ve got the opportunity to use it because it’s an amazing tool to help you organize your content and preview what it’s going to look like in your feed before you even post! 

Here are some things I’ve learned while using Sendible:

  1. Sendible allows you to schedule months in advance! You can write out content for a client or your own business for 3 months or longer and have it posted without having to worry about doing it ‘by hand’. 
  2. You can schedule a post to be sent out more than once. For instance, with twitter’s algorithm tweets can get lost in the feed and you might not get as much engagement from them if you only post it once.  Schedule your post daily for 6 months if you wanted to! 
  3. You can see live engagement from the accounts you manage as people comment, like or share the posts you have sent out. You can even reply to them through Sendible and keep the engagement moving! 
  4. This is one of my favourite things about Sendible, it gives you suggestions on the best time to post. It matters when you post your content because posting at optimal times will allow the best engagement and exposure. They are suggested times for a reason so If you need your post to go out later or earlier feel free to post it when you need too!

Goals For Next Week

  1. Keep proofreading! Lol. 
  2. Do some training in my spare time to learn even more.
  3. Keep learning from my mistakes and kill it! 
  4. Have fun! It will be my last week after all!

I hope you are finding my thoughts from my Internship interesting! I really enjoy being able to reflect on my week and remind myself of what I’ve learned.

See you next week! 



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