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Hello Readers,

Did you miss me?

Don’t worry, I’ve been here the whole time just working away and getting better at my craft.

I’ve been pretty busy getting to know my colleagues now that we are working in person at Sanctuary CoWorking. I’ve also been given the role of taking lead with my fellow interns on creating the content and written pieces for Sanctuary CoWorking. I’m still creating TikToks for Like A Voss as one of my daily tasks which has been very fun.

All of the work I have been doing at Like A Voss has taught me so much, and fingers are crossed that if I land the position here will be more professional growth to come.

Working remotely was really great because I could stay at home with my puppy and work from anywhere in my house but now we have the Sanctuary for the month of April. I was a little bummed the first week because it was a big change in my routine, but now that I’m a bit more settled in it’s been great to have actual faces to talk to and people to bounce ideas off. Getting to know my coworkers on a more personal level has been really enlightening.

Like I mentioned before, we are doing some content creation for Sanctuary Coworking while we are here, and being in the building gives us an amazing opportunity to make content on site. Mandi is letting the interns (us) take the lead on this client and since I’m the only full-time intern I’ve been spending a lot of time getting to know the space, and have started working on some of the deliverables. I’ve been planning out video content pieces and have been improving my writing skills by writing content for them.

Now for the FUN. Since we are all in person we have been making so many TikToks for the company page, it’s been really fun having the opportunity to put things together with the whole team. The space is also so aesthetically pleasing which makes filming a lot easier compared to at home when I had to make my bed in the background or clean my room consistently so I didn’t look like I was as messy and unorganised as I actually am.

In my last blog post, I was talking about growing my skills and getting better when it comes to my engagement and writing skills. I think it’s improved compared to when I started and I think that I’m starting to get better at writing with a specific tone/voice in mind. As for my engagement, I’m still working on it but I did do a pretty good job today specifically so we can only go up from here right.

All of this work has inspired me to apply for the open position with Like A Voss as a graphic designer/social media strategist.

If I am being totally honest I started this internship because I lowkey just needed something for placement, but I really enjoy the company and the work I’ve been doing. Don’t get me wrong I hit some bumps in the road, but I worked past them and have consistently been improving my skills with the help of my team. Some other applicants probably have more experience than myself in graphics and writing but I want to get this job to get more experience and hone my skills – and the supportive and encouraging environment at Like A Voss is the perfect place to do it. I applied and I feel pretty confident in how I did, so fingers crossed I’ll be posting an employee blog here someday.

In conclusion, I’m improving whether it’s professionally or personally and that feels pretty good.


– Michaela Gallagher


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