Life of an Intern: Final Week

This week marks the end of my internship here at Like A Voss Inc.

I can’t believe this is the END! Six weeks? Felt more like six days OMG!!

This has been my very first experience in the work culture and what can I say? What a start to it!

As this internship comes to an end, I would like to reflect on some key points that I’ve picked up along my whole journey.

  1. The work environment was a perfect blend of fun and learning.
  2. My co-workers have been super supportive, encouraging, and entertaining.
  3. The tasks given to me were challenging, new and exciting.
  4. The meetings and slack sessions were helpful when it came to working remotely.
  5. I love this place.

Although my time here was short, I had lots of fun getting to know these people. Special shout out to Mandi and Emrys for being fantastic mentors throughout the six weeks. Their guidance and support have helped me with learning a lot in the social media industry. 

Most people think social media is just making videos and posting pictures on the platforms. No one is aware of the amount of time, effort, and creativity that goes into making a single piece of content that entices the audience. We were tasked to make Tik Toks daily and trust me when I say this, that shit is HARD. Hats off to all the content creators out there who do this full-time. What we see on Instagram, Facebook or any social platform is after hours of editing and shooting content. 

My favorite tasks have been creating graphics and copy for clients. It has been both challenging and fun as a lot of time and research goes into it. From studying the client and researching previous works to understanding their tone of voice, the whole process was just amazing. 

About my future, I can say I do want to continue in the marketing field and consider this internship as my first step. I am taking another program at SLC next year, which I wish to land an amazing opportunity with a marketing agency.

Lastly, I like to thank everyone at LAV for this opportunity which has truly shaped my professional skills. 

This is Aswana, signing off.



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