Reformatting Blogs Into New Content

You spent hours writing your latest blog post… now what? Did you know that your blogs are good for so much more than just your blog? There are tons of ways to reformat your blogs into new content for social media. This blog is here to show you some of the ways to do just that!

But first, why should you do this?

The Benefits of Repurposing Your Blogs

There are tons of benefits of reformatting your blogs into new content besides just having more content for half the work. One of those benefits is that creating content out of your blogs for your social media helps both platforms seem more seamlessly tied together and improves the continuity of your brand.

Another benefit is how the social media content will increase engagement on your blog. It’s no question that your social media has many more followers than your blog. By connecting them, it’ll draw more of those followers to your blog. You can also use this to encourage people to share your blog.

Now, time to get into it. What are some ways that you can reformat your blogs into social media content?

Make Some Tweets

Your blog isn’t going to fit into the very limited space of a tweet. That’s why you reformat it! Take one or two of the best, most intriguing lines and put them into a tweet. This will draw your followers in and, if the line is intriguing enough, make them want to go read the whole blog. Make sure you include a link to it or instructions on how to get there.

“A tweet is only 140 characters, so how you can repurpose a blog post as a tweet? Why not use snippets of phrases from your blog post to make a series of Tweets?” – Blogging Wizard

Conduct Polls on Your Blog Topic

An interesting and interactive way to reformat your blog content is into a poll that your followers can vote on. This can easily be done through things such as Twitter or Instagram stories.

You might be asking, “What do I put in the poll, though?” The answer is simple. Use the main subjects of your blog. For example, to turn this blog into a poll, you could ask the question, “What kind of repurposed blog content do you like most?” The options would be simple, they’d be exactly what the subheadings are here: tweets, polls, infographics, and quotes.

“Polls are an excellent way to develop a discussion about your blog topic and convince your followers to participate. In fact, they can increase your web traffic by up to 20%.” – Devrix

Make an Infographic

“Some people are just visual and there is nothing you can do about it. Don’t leave them out! Turn your blog into an infographic. Highlighting key points, images and information in easy-to-share formats will help you reach audiences you never knew you had!” – Like A Voss

Simply Making Quotes

The most simple way of all to reformat your blog content is as quotes, just make sure you spend the time to make them visually appealing with some graphic design work.

Instagram is a great place to post content like this. With the option to include multiple photos that people can swipe through in one post on your feed, it’s perfect for blog content. Make a quote image for each subtopic of your blog and post them together, such as this post from the Like A Voss Instagram.

Your followers can swipe through, gain some tips, and get intrigued to read the rest of the blog.

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