The Importance Of A Strong LinkedIn Profile & Engagement (For Executives)

As an executive, your Linkedin profile, more than any other social network, has the power to garner you massive business results.

“Each year, as LinkedIn’s thriving global network, continues to expand, having a searchable profile and online presence on the site is no longer optional; it is expected.

Research shows that 80 percent of CEOs are now engaged online and are users of social media platforms; a figure which has doubled since 2010.” – Blue Steps

Through Linkedin, we’ve helped clients improve their personal brands, boost SEO and further establish themselves as thought leaders in their respective industries.

Here’s how you can use LinkedIn to its full potential:

Use LinkedIn To Increase Your Online Visibility

When you create a profile on LinkedIn, a public version of your profile is published to their member directory. This public version of your profile is often at the top of online search results.

“This is fairly self-explanatory but worth mentioning. When you power up your page’s SEO, you increase your odds of being discovered not just by members using LinkedIn, but also by relevant web searchers you might’ve missed otherwise.” – Kylee Lessard

Remember to include your:

  • headline
  • a recent profile picture
  • summary
  • skills
  • experience
  • education
  • links to relevant work

Think about how your profile will be perceived. “Does your custom background tie in with your brand? Use your website banner for online consistency. Does your headshot engage your ideal audience? Is it compelling to them?” –

Whether you like it or not, the first thing someone is going to do after meeting you at a conference, is google your name. Having a strong presence on LinkedIn is a great way to stay in control of what others find out about you online. In a sense, you can steer the conversation about you even when you’re not in the room!

Use LinkedIn To Establish Yourself As A Thought Leader 

As a thought leader in your industry, Linkedin is the perfect place to establish authority.

Since many of its users are already seeking out advice in your area of expertise, you can take advantage of the free attention. Share content that is fresh, engaging and relevant to your industry as a way to make yourself available as an ‘expert’ to your audience.

Having a strong presence on Linkedin can also establish you as a micro-influencer. Check out Linkedin expert Adam Houlahan’s blog on how to become a micro-influencer in 9 steps (or less).


Use LinkedIn To Improve Your Personal Branding With Native Content 

Your ability to create easy to consume and shareable content on LinkedIn is one of the most important reasons why a strong profile is so important.

When users click through to the source of your content, you want to make sure they can find all the information they need. Having a strong profile will also increase the likelihood that they will want to connect with you further.

Native content that grabs attention and does well on Linkedin includes:

  • quick, informative videos (1-3 mins)
  • text only content
  • inspirational quotes
  • customer testimonials

Linkedin has 250 million+ users, making it the ideal place to improve your personal brand through native content relevant to your line of work.


Use LinkedIn To Build & Engage Your Professional Online Community

Having a strong presence on Linkedin is just the beginning of your professional online networking journey. Once you have a profile that you can be proud of, it’s time to engage with the community.

Remember, many of the users on LinkedIn are experts just like you, so they’re always keen to jump at the chance to teach you a thing or two. Comment on other people’s posts, spark unique conversations and ask genuine questions to engage with the LinkedIn community.

Linkedin is a social network where everyone puts their best and most professional foot forward. This means that you will be able to engage with the community on a level you would not otherwise. High engagement on any social network is one of the best ways to be discovered and deemed a valuable member of the community.

A weak presence on LinkedIn is a missed opportunity. As an executive, your LinkedIn page is one of your most important digital assets. However, like with any other social network, you have to be patient. If you’re consistent with your engagement, keep your profile updated and continue to post content relevant to your network, you’ll see priceless returns!

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