Let’s talk about typography and its role in branding while keeping accessibility in mind. It is all around us, from street signs to websites, and it plays a crucial role in how information is conveyed. Now, why does typography matter in branding, and how does it relate to accessibility? Well, it is your brand’s written voice, and just like you want your spoken voice to be clear and easy to understand, your written voice should be too. Choosing fonts that are easy to read, is an important aspect of accessibility.

Imagine trying to read a paragraph with tiny, squiggly letters—not fun, right? By selecting fonts that are legible and well-spaced, you ensure that everyone can engage with your brand’s message. So, when you’re picking typography for your brand, think beyond aesthetics. Consider how it affects readability and inclusivity, ensuring that your brand speaks to all audiences loud and clear and thus, makes everyone feel valued.

Factor in these two key aspects of typography into your strategy:

Legibility and Readability

One of the primary purposes of typography is to convey your brand message clearly and effectively. Ensure that the typefaces you choose are highly legible, especially in various sizes and across different mediums. Consider factors such as font style, spacing (kerning and leading), and line length to optimise readability. Prioritise simplicity and clarity over overly ornate or complex typefaces, as legibility is paramount for brand communication.

Consistency and Brand Personality

Consistency in typography is critical for establishing a strong and memorable brand identity. Select a set of typefaces that align with your brand’s personality and values. Different typefaces evoke distinct emotions and impressions. Whether you opt for a modern and minimalistic look or a classic and timeless style, ensure that your chosen typography reinforces your brand’s character and remains consistent across all brand materials and touchpoints. This consistency helps build brand recognition and trust over time.

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