Using Web Analytics To Improve Sales

Using web analytics to improve sales, and understand your customer demographics, will help you determine where to aim your social media efforts. Today I am going to talk about two sections of Google Analytics and how to leverage this information, as well as which social media campaigns will produce the most bang for your buck.

Customer Demographics

Web Analytics 1

This table provides you with insight on who is visiting your website. In this example, because we know that most of our users are between the ages of 25 and 34, we should be creating and promoting content that will resonate specifically with that customer segment. Also, the same principles can be applied to analyzing the gender of your visitors, their interests, or their geographic location.

In contrast, if you are a company whose primary target market is within the age range of 45-54, this information could tell you that you are either providing the wrong message or the messages you are sending are being found by the wrong people. Let’s dive into traffic acquisition to address this problem.

Traffic Acquisition

Web Analytics 2

Measuring traffic acquisition can be the most valuable insight on what social media avenues should be pursued. This information provides you with insight on which areas of your website you can increase traffic and what is the best allocation of your time. When looking at this table, you can see that the highest percentage of social media visitors came from Facebook (93.51% ). This information with could tell you that your Facebook campaign is performing well, or your Twitter campaign was an absolute bust.

Regularly checking your website’s stats on Google Analytics is a good habit that will give you a better understanding of your customers, and how you are reaching them best.

As always I welcome any questions, so don’t be shy – leave a comment below.


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