Voss Babe Female Entrepreneur Series – Brie Fraser, Owner of Brie Fraser Designs

For many entrepreneurs and small businesses, social media can be an absolute game-changer! All it takes is one viral post and a business can suddenly take off.

At Like A Voss Social Media, we’re highlighting local businesses and entrepreneurs who are killing the online game. This week’s spotlight is on Brie Fraser, Artist, Tattoo Apprentice, and Owner of Brie Fraser Designs!

Brie Fraser Designs aspires to create artwork that exudes a twist of unique beauty and creativity through many mediums. Providing both prints of original designs and custom pieces, I aim to create pieces of artwork that speak to everyone.

Our CEO Mandi interviewed Brie about her secret to success in business and in life. We also got some awesome insights into what they think makes social media such an effective tool in business.

A Little Bit About Being a Female Entrepreneur 

1: How long have you been in business?

Brie Fraser Designs was established in 2014; May 2020 was the web launch because you know…I have some time now. LOL!

2: What made you decide to pursue being an artist, and tattoo artist?

I have always had a passion for art and creating, there is nothing better than to be able to put pen to paper and express my creativity. It is so wonderful to see the happiness on someone’s face when they receive one of my prints. Being able to share my artwork with the world is something I never anticipated being able to do and the sense of accomplishment I feel after finishing a new drawing is beyond description.

3: What do you love most about being a female entrepreneur?

Being surrounded by a community of incredible, talented, smart, and innovative women is so empowering. There are so many opportunities to get inspired by other female entrepreneurs and inspire and encourage young women to follow their dreams. Women can do anything!

4: What is the hardest thing you have had to overcome as a female entrepreneur? Something you did not foresee when you decided to start Brie Fraser Designs?

For the first 4 years of Brie Fraser Designs, I struggled to find clientele. At the time I was only doing graphic design and basic web design, I was limiting myself to those labels and I couldn’t compete with big design companies. I ended up putting my business aside to pursue a different career and only had 1-2 clients a year under Brie Fraser Designs. In April of 2018, I decided to revamp my business and changed the focus over to prints, custom artwork, and tattoos. Graphic design is still a passion of mine and I continue to occasionally take clients on but it is no longer the foundation of Brie Fraser Designs. It was certainly not the direction I foresaw but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

5: What is one thing about working as an artist that people would be surprised to learn? 

A lot of people assume that having a home studio is awesome; I get to work in my PJ’s, I don’t have to commute to work, and I always have access to my supplies. However, I frequently draw at local coffee shops because I need a break from my own studio.

And Now Onto The Social Media Questions!

6: Do you have a favorite social media platform? Why?

Instagram! I have been so fortunate to connect with so many incredible artists from all over the world through Instagram. I have friends all over the world that I can bounce ideas around with and get advice and encouragement. Instagram also gives me the ability to stay in touch with people who enjoy my art and interact with them. I can post progress photos of current projects and get valuable feedback from my followers.

7: What made you decide to start using social media as a way to promote your company?  

For a long time, I only used word of mouth to promote Brie Fraser Designs, which didn’t work well for me and I was only getting 1-2 clients on average per year. I posted a photo of one of my drawings to my private Instagram account and I got a fantastic response, prompting me to create a page dedicated to my artwork.

8: How has social media impacted your business? Would you say that it’s an effective marketing tool?

Social media has greatly increased my sales, I recently launched a website to make ordering my prints easier due to the volume at which they were selling. Social media has made it easier for people to find my artwork and for them to share it with their friends. Without social media, I would still be struggling to sell my artwork.

9: What advice would you give to other businesses and entrepreneurs who want to use social media as a way to connect with customers?

Learn how to use hashtags, I was fortunate enough to have Like a Voss CEO Mandi as a teacher while I navigated Instagram as a business tool. With hashtags alone, my reach went from roughly 50 people all the way to 500-1000. It is also important to show progress on social media – posting stories of current projects and sneak peeks of upcoming promotions and products help get people excited and invested in your business.

A Little More About Brie

I have two amazing dog children; Theodore (Presa Canario), and Oliver (Husky/Lab mix) who keep me company on long hikes and camping trips. My father is the CEO and inventor of the REInc and my mother is the creator and owner of Dockside Living; I was raised by two incredibly smart and talented parents! My guilty pleasure is eating cheese dip and chips while watching Keeping up with the Kardashians!

Connect with Brie

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