Fun Features You Should Try on Instagram

If you ask me (and I know you didn’t – but whatever) Instagram is one of the most fun social media platforms. Why do I say that? Because of all the awesome features! 

Instagram has stayed relevant by constantly adding new features and tools for users. They phase out features that aren’t great, and replace them with things that users enjoy. 

So, I figured I would share some of my favourites in a blog…because, why not?

Now, where do I start?

Turning Stories And Photos Into Reels

With the rise of TikTok came the Instagram reels – which are now the most prevalent forms of content on Instagram.

But how do you turn your stories into reels?

First off, you likely have seen Instagram present the option to you. But if you’re like me and kinda ignore that, you can also make it yourself.

If you click on the reel button on Instagram–it’s at the bottom and looks like a clapper board–then click on the camera button in the top right corner you’ll be able to begin making your reel. From there, you can go to the template option at the bottom which will give you reel templates where the only thing you have to do is add your photos! 

Easy peasy!

Try Out Different Story Features

Instagram stories have tons and tons of simple features you can play around with to make your stories more entertaining (and engaging).

Some of my favourite ones are:

  • Question Sticker: A great way to interact with your audience by asking them questions and responding to their answers.
  • Polls: Another great interactive feature.
  • Music: A fun and personal way to elevate your stories with a matching song–or just to show off your fantastic taste in music.
  • Links: Show your followers content you like or other content you create outside of Instagram. *Did you know this feature used to only be available to people with over 10 000 followers, but is now available to everyone (yay!).*
  • Add Yours: This is one of the newest Instagram Story features, allowing you to post a photo with a prompt for others to use that prompt to post on their own stories. 

If you follow my personal account you already know that I spend most of my time in stories – and hardly ever post on my “feed”. I don’t use the features a whole lot – but let’s be honest, I am not (nor do I want to be) an influencer. LOL! I just have fun with the account and share when I want…with zero strategy or end game. Just a fun place for me to share about my simple life with others.

Using Multiple Accounts From One Device

This one has been around for a while, but it’s one of the most fun and practical features Instagram has ever added. Instagram has a feature that allows you to easily run multiple accounts from the same device. 

This is WAY more fun than it sounds. 

I remember the time when you had to fully log out of your account to log into another. Sometimes it just felt so tedious and frustrating to try and post content on multiple accounts a day, engage with audiences, etc.

Now, switching accounts is as easy as tapping a button…literally! You can be logged into up to 5 accounts at once (or more if you have accounts that are linked together with the same sign-in – but I can cover that in another post)! 

Okay, so what makes this fun? On top of your personal or business profile, you can easily manage an account just for personal friends (often referred to as a spam account), an account for your pet, or any other account for any other kind of content you want to play around with! And yes, I do have an account for Cleo (@cleo_theminpin) if you want to check it out, but I will admit that it’s not really too active. 

The most important part of maintaining an Instagram presence is by having fun. Without fun and play in your content, both you and your followers will get bored and you’ll eventually stop wanting to make content. Playing around with all the features Instagram has to offer will help you maintain the excitement of posting and engaging. 

Long story short, have fun!

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