Social Media Inspiration For Your Business This Summer

Summer is on its way and social media feeds are already starting to heat up!

Between patio days, long summer nights, and lounging by the pool, there’s so much to share on social media! Summer is the perfect time to find social media inspiration.

So, here’s some inspiration on what to post this summer to keep your business’s feed piping hot!

Post Patio Pics!

Imagine this: you’re sitting outside, drink in hand, ice clinking against the glass, appetisers circulating as the radio is playing the song of the summer – it’s officially patio season!

Patios have always been popular, but the pandemic has really brought them back into popularity even more so than ever. 2 years into the pandemic and they’re still one of the first things people and businesses get excited about and plan for in the summer. Put simply, patios are a huge (and easy) trend in social media.

Take the team out for a much-needed break and post the images on social media. It will give you nice, new content to post as well as it will help your audience relate to you and get to know you and your team a lot better.

Who doesn’t love a good patio pic? This will do wonders to humanize your brand – an important aspect of being a business on social media! 

Post More Blue

It’s common knowledge that bright colours get you noticed. This is because they stand out and users are more likely to see them in their feeds. One bright colour that is likely to get you noticed, especially in the summer, is blue!

In a popular study, visual analytics and marketing platform Curalate analysed almost 8 million photos to see which colours get more likes than others.

“Mostly blue images got 24 percent more likes than ones that had red as the most prominent colour.” – Reader’s Digest

So there you have it. Images with bright blues like clear skies, vibrant fashion, and pretty flowers are all bound to get you more attention. And guess what? They’re all perfect for summer!

Speaking of blue…

Post Images Of Water!

During summer, the temperatures can get up there. That means your audience is looking to social media for inspiration about how to beat the heat. People are more attracted to things that make them feel cool when the weather’s hot, which includes images, too.

Not only that, but water makes us feel calm and can generate a sense of awe and summer is the perfect time to get pics that show exactly that. So post images near bodies of water, in water, about water, basically anything that’s cold and refreshing and you’ll see more engagement. This can be the ocean, a lake, or even a pool. Anything that looks cool and refreshing will be far more likely to get noticed in the summer.

On that note, images of cold food like iced drinks, watermelon and popsicles will also have your audience feeling inspired!

Post Your Employees

This one comes to us from the good people over at SocialToaster:

“Just because ‘nine to fivers’ still have to work during the summer, doesn’t mean they can’t get in on the fun too. Host a company barbecue, organize a field day, set up an ice cream sundae bar or do all three at one time. Document all the fun… it can be used as an employee recruitment tool in the future. No one wants to work for a business that doesn’t know how to have a little fun every now and then.” – SocialToaster

Even when you’re still working full time, summer creates the perfect opportunities to do more things with your employees. People tend to want to do more in the summer because they are generally happier. Happy people are eager to make greater social media inspiration and content.

Post Vacation & Staycation Inspiration

Even when we’re not planning vacations, we’re dreaming of them! So give your followers a healthy dose of #FOMO with pictures of enviable places. This is going to be the most vacation-filled summer in years! Everyone is excited to see the world again and you can create content to show it to them and help inspire them on their next vacation.

Even if you can’t afford or make time for a big vacation this summer, staycations make just as good for social media content. As long as you are relaxing and having fun, people will enjoy that content no matter where you are.

Need some more ideas of what vacation/staycation content to post? Where are you and your employees going on their days off?

“Encourage staff to photograph and document their summer adventures and start a social mini-series sharing summer adventures and encouraging followers to share theirs as well… Even if the tone of your business is on the serious side, lightening up every once in awhile can be beneficial.” – The Marketing Squad

You can also use geo-tagging to target followers who are keeping it local. This is especially useful if you’re a company that is trying to remain relevant during your offseason. After all, even staycationers need inspiration!

These were just a few of our summer tips – there are lots more where that came from! Just post content of fun, relaxation, and the things you love doing and people are sure to enjoy it! Summer is filled with social media inspiration!

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This blog post was originally published in June 2019 and has been edited to improve accuracy and readability.


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